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Malaria Kills 3000 Children in Africa Every Day

-How Dengue is Transmitted
-Yellow Fever and America

Many don't know that

Mosquitoes cause Heartworm

Mosquito Borne Diseases

Malaria- 300-500 million cases per year globally


Dengue- 50-100 million globally


Yellow Fever- 200,000 cases globally (WHO estimates that there may be up to 200,000 cases of YF a year in western Africa, with 30,000 deaths).


Encephalitis/ meningoencephalitis diseases including:
West Nile- 3800 human cases with 232 fatalities in 39 US states


Eastern Equine EEE (only acquired from salt marsh mosquitoes that have previously fed on infected birds) 1964-2004, 220 cases
St. Louis- 1964-1969, 4478 cases
La Crosse- (small number)
Western Equine- less than 1,000 cases since 1964
Japanese- 67,900 cases typically occur annually
Dog heartworm- 250,000 cases in the US


Globally mosquitoes transmit diseases to between 600,000,000- 700,000,000 people annually that we know about. Many diseases remain a mystery in their origins. Mosquitoes may be responsible for some of these diseases.

A little more than one hundred years ago malaria was thought to have originated from evil thoughts. Over 15,000 people died from malaria during the construction of the Panama Canal until the association was made between the disease and the mosquito.

The mosquito is presently the most dangerous living creature to the health of humankind. Every year over a million people are killed by mosquitoes. Untold numbers of dogs, cats, horses and birds are also killed by mosquitoes.

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